Ukrainian forces brace for bloody fight for Kherson


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Ukrainian forces brace for bloody fight for Kherson
The contest for the only provincial capital seized by Moscow in the full-scale invasion launched on Feb. 24 may be one of the most consequential of the war so far.
Published: NOVEMBER 4, 2022

Oleh, the commander of a Ukrainian mechanized infantry unit dug into trenches west of Kherson, is confident his Russian foes will be forced to abandon the strategic port by winter weather, logistical logjams and the threat of encirclement. But neither he nor his men think the Russians will go quickly or quietly and nor do they intend to let them. His comments raise the specter of a bloody slog in the coming weeks for control of a key city on the west bank of the Dnipro River which acts as a gateway to the peninsula of Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014.

"They will keep fighting. They will defend their positions as long as they have the ability to do so," said Oleh, 26, a battle-hardened major who has risen through the ranks since enlisting as a teenager 10 years ago. "It will be a hard fight."