Ukraine War: Are warlords the future of Russia? - analysis


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Ukraine War: Are warlords the future of Russia? - analysis
As more private military groups founded by oligarchs, companies, and politicians compete with the Defense Ministry, Russian “warlords” may become key players.

Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin launched a verbal attack against other Russian private military companies deployed by the Kremlin in Ukraine on Saturday, highlighting the proliferation of Russian mercenary groups, especially those affiliated with oligarchs and political leaders.

Ukrainian government body National Resistance Center described these groups on February 13 as "neo-feudal" -- private armies outside official Russian structures, rivaling the official military, and loyal more to their patrons rather than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These PMCs have "not only heavy equipment and artillery, but even aviation," noted the National Resistance Center. Mercenaries and PMCs are not new phenomena, but the alignment of military and political might in these private companies makes their leaders more akin to warlords than guns for hire.


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This is why allowing "contract" armies, which are not under government command and control, within a country's sovereign borders, is a very bad thing. Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in another thread when Putin first contracted with Wagner to build an army using prisoners, this could be seen as becoming a problem . . .

The same thing is occuring in Mexico, Columbia, etc. with the cartels. As cartel violence spreads and intensifies in the U.S., cartels and gangs will do the same here as what is going on in Russia USSR, Africa, and south of the US border (much moreso than they already do).