Ukraine-Russia War: Some 20 countries commit to new security aid for Ukraine


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Ukraine-Russia War: Some 20 countries commit to new security aid for Ukraine
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Published: MAY 23, 2022

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that some 20 countries had announced new security assistance packages for Ukraine during a virtual meeting with allies on Monday that was aimed at coordinating arms for Kyiv. The countries that announced new packages included Italy, Denmark, Greece, Norway and Poland, Austin told reporters following a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. Denmark would provide a harpoon launcher and missiles to defend Ukraine's coast, Austin said.

"Everyone here understands the stakes of this war," Austin said. The top US military officer, General Mark Milley, told the same press conference that the US was still "a ways away" from any reintroduction of US forces into Ukraine.

Civilian displacement

The war in Ukraine has "displaced 8 million within the country, and more than 6 million refugee movements from Ukraine have been registered," according to an official statement from the UN Refugee Agency on Monday. Also in the report, the amount of people that were forced to flee conflict, persecution and violence has crossed 100 million for the first time on record, with the agency stating that this number was "propelled by the war in Ukraine."