Ukraine-Russia War: Russian forces retreat from Kharkiv


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Ukraine-Russia War: Russian forces retreat from Kharkiv
Turkey has proposed carrying out a sea evacuation of trapped fighters at Azovstal * Russian forces retreat from Kharkiv due to Ukrainian pushback
Published: MAY 14, 2022

The Russian village of Sereda in the Belgorod region came under fire from Ukrainian shelling, TASS reported citing the regional governor's statements on Telegram Sunday morning. At least one person is injured. The latest developments in Ukraine have shown that Russian forces have been retreating from Kharkiv due to Ukrainian pushback, but Russian forces in Mariupol still have many Ukrainians trapped at the Azovstal steel plant. The Institute for the Study of War published on Saturday that Ukraine appears to have won the battle of Kharkiv.

The institute states they have done so by preventing Russian forces from encircling or seizing the city, similar to what Ukrainian forces have done in Kyiv. The Russian military "has likely decided to withdraw fully" from its positions around the city, their report states. After weeks of Russian siege and bombardment, Mariupol is in Russian hands, but hundreds of Ukrainian fighters are holding out under heavy fire at the steelworks. About 600 wounded people still remain at Azovstal as of Saturday, Pravda reported citing a police officer from the factory told.