Ukraine has sent images of dead Russian soldiers to families in Russia - CNN


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Ukraine has sent images of dead Russian soldiers to families in Russia - CNN
In response to the photos, 80% of families said "we'll come to Ukraine ourselves and kill you. And you deserve what's happening to you."
Published: MAY 15, 2022

Ukrainians have sent images of the dead bodies to the families of Russian soldiers, according to a report by CNN, which also alleged that the bodies of Russian soldiers were stacked in a freight train. "Every Russian dead soldier that is stored here has committed a crime," one person told CNN. "Storing the bodies of the enemies aligns with the rules of war set out by the Geneva Convention. After the end of the phase of combat, the parties must exchange the parties of the dead military."

The Ukrainian Digital Transformation Ministry has used facial recognition technology in order to identify the dead Russian soldiers, according to the report, and the technology cross-references to confirm their identities using social media. The ministry has reportedly identified over 300 bodies.

"We send messages to their friends and relatives," after confirming the dead Russian soldiers' identities. However, when asked why they send photos of corpses of Russian soldiers, the ministry said there were "two goals: one, to show the Russians that there is a real war going on here, to fight against the Russian propaganda, that the Russians aren't as strong as they are shown on TV and that they are really dying here. The second is to give [the families] an opportunity to pick up the bodies in Ukraine."



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I wonder if Jankowicz has vetted this CNN information?

If true, I don't like it. Neither the soldiers nor the families had a choice in whether or not they would fight this war. Sending pictures of dead soldiers only serves to create pain for families that don't deserve more.


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That's just cruel. In war, all bets are off when it comes to the fighting, I guess but no need to be monstrous. Soldiers' families know their loved ones could possibly die but this is just rubbing it in. It's the modern-day version of heads on spikes.