UCLA Professor Quits Over 'Woke Takeover'

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A tenured anthropology professor said he's leaving his job because of a pervasive woke culture at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Joseph Manson, 62, used his blog to explain that he decided to retire from his position because "the Woke takeover of higher education has ruined academic life."

"I strongly suspect that mainstream U.S. higher education is morally and intellectually corrupt, beyond the possibility of self-repair, and therefore no longer a worthwhile setting in which to spend my time and effort," wrote Manson, who began teaching at UCLA in 1996.

......."Gradually, one hire at a time, practitioners of 'critical' (i.e. far-left postmodernist) anthropology, some of them lying about their beliefs during job interviews, came to comprise the department's most influential clique," Manson wrote. "These militant faculty recruited even more extremely militant graduate students to work with them.

........"Outside the anthropology department, UCLA as a whole is showing all the signs of Woke capture that typify the contemporary U.S. university," wrote Manson, who then cited several people who had been fired or banned from campus.

He also said that "typical of elite U.S. universities, UCLA is awash in anti-Zionism, a.k.a. thinly disguised Jew-hatred."

"In May 2019, one of my colleagues, Kyeyoung Park, invited a guest lecturer, San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi, to her class to proclaim that Zionism is a form of white supremacism,” wrote Manson, who added that "Park was celebrated by the faculty and administration as a courageous, embattled exponent of academic freedom."

......Manson predicted that "leftist ideology" will continue to grow across the University of California and other U.S. universities.

"As Doris Day sang, the future's not ours to see, but it's a good bet that the grip of Woke orthodoxy on the University of California, and most other U.S. universities, will tighten in the years to come," Manson wrote. "The younger faculty tend to be more Woke than their elders."

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley took to social media to affirm Manson's concerns.

"Manson is the latest example of the not-so-noble lie that pervades our institutional of higher education. We mouth principles of academic freedom and free speech while allowing colleagues to be hounded and harassed," Turley tweeted.

Manson's write up link in the Newsmax article, which has his whole letter, is well worth reading. He's done a good job succinctly warning what's happening in our universities, particularly too many 'prestigious' ones (aka, now very un-godly).

On another note, the blatant antisemitism, that I've seen for myself from young people on campus, particularly the PLO sympathizers, may be God's permitting in order to build a reason for American Jews to head back to Israel, as God predicted in His Word. This line of verbal and thought diarrhea will permeate our society even more as the brainwashed kids move out of college into the working world.....and antisemitism may play out in our society even more in the coming years. I believe we are very much seeing subterfuge, militant Marxism in play.

So, it's hard to see this but it also may be part of God's prophetic word coming to fruition. In the meantime, we're still here so I'm going to get the Gospel out as my first priority and be praying for these kids, professors and subsequent working world for God's grace in opening their eyes to the truth and free them eternally. And, this certainly is one more piece of prophecy pointing to the closeness of the Rapture.