UAE tells Israeli conference it uses AI for space travel


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UAE tells Israeli conference it uses AI for space travel
Top Israeli official says country could be AI power
FEBRUARY 22, 2021

The UAE’s top artificial intelligence official told an Israel-sponsored conference on Monday that her country’s recent and future space successes include the use of AI capabilities. Speaking at Tel Aviv University’s Artificial Intelligence Week virtual conference, Sumaya al-Hajeri, UAE’s Head of Governance and Data at the Office of the Minister of Artificial Intelligence gave a detailed explanation of her country’s AI initiatives, including assisting with the UAE’s recent successful voyage to Mars. Its Hope orbiter launched last July reached Mars two weeks ago, ahead of NASA’s Perseverance.

Al-Hajeri said that the UAE’s space agency had used AI to simulate a variety of scenarios to help anticipate problems and reduce risks. In addition, she said that AI was a major area for future cooperation between Dubai and Jerusalem. Al-Hajeri was another in the line of Arab officials extending the relatively new trend of appearing alongside Israelis in public to discuss issues unconnected with Middle East politics but very connected with Middle East economic and technological developments.