Two Powers given


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We are given two power given and this holds true today and as have from the very beginning. Why did God put that tree in the garden of the "Tree of knowledge of good and evil?" What was the purpose of that? The purpose was that he knew Adam and Eve would eat from it and he had a plan from that point. The fact of the matter is this this. He knew and he wanted us to know so we would appreciate his love. Fast forward the bible and all the generations...the flood....Israel...Kings...rehearsals of God's feast days....ultimately to God fulfilling them. This whole existence has been about us loving him but it had to come from us and he has demanded it to come from us from our love knowing all good and evil. Ultimately he sent Jesus the messiah who is the savior for Israel and for the whole world. Israel rejected him which he knew would happen but opened the door to the world for salvation. That age of forgiveness is about to close and his eyes will once again focus on the nation of Israel. We still have time to save more..... the door has not shut and we have two powers given do with the power of love that is given by the Holy Spirit and go forth and save the lost now church! Do not hold nothing back! I'm not a preacher but I am saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he has compelled me to tell you this. We are at the end and I am nobody to tell you that this isn't important yet it's so important. Remember who you are!! We are the body of Jesus Christ we are powered by the Holy Spirit and we ARE the light of this world!!! In these last days do what must be done and don't hold nothing back! Do not be ashamed of who you are! Be bold for him for has been bold for us! He will call us soon home and what a glorious day that will be! God be with you all!