Two Movies for Evangelism on Rapture Forums


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Hi Everyone,
I have been busy making some changes and additions to the Rapture Forums website and forums. One of the additions is of two movies that have been used to bring millions to Christ over the years. They are "The Jesus Film" and "The Gospel of John".

The two movies can be found on the main site homepage and I will provide the links here:

The Jesus Film -

The Gospel of John -

I'm sure most of you have seen these two movies or at least one of them. They are both outstanding. If you have someone that you know that needs to see them, please feel free to point them to the links above which can be viewed 24/7/365 on Rapture Forums as opposed to having to wait for them to come on TV. The films are just over 2hrs and 3hrs each. They will take time to watch, but we have 10TB of bandwidth each month so that should be plenty of bandwidth to have people watch the movies and hopefully make a decision for Christ. :)

I hope you find the movies helpful and entertaining. They are made possible by the Campus Crusade for Christ group which is now called CRU.


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I've always had a problem seeing white pale English men portray Jesus when we know he wasn't white. It comes off as sacreligious too me.

I would recommend the new version of the Gospel of John

Skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Kingdom of God. All men's hearts are filthy until they are washed in the blood of Christ.
(Why am I responding to an old post? Because it was near the top. LOL)