Twitter brings back 'official' account tag, $8 blue-tick option disappears


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Twitter brings back 'official' account tag, $8 blue-tick option disappears
Earlier in the day, Musk said his companies will be well-positioned in 2023 despite the possibility of a tough economy.
Published: NOVEMBER 11, 2022

Elon Musk's Twitter Inc on Friday brought back the "official" badge to some accounts, just days after doing away with it, while several users reported the new subscription option for the blue verification check mark had disappeared.

The move follows a surge in fake accounts on the platform after new boss Elon Musk allowed users to pay $8 for the coveted blue check mark that was previously reserved for verified accounts of politicians, actors and other major personalities. Fake accounts of several big brands have popped up with the blue check, including Musk's Tesla and SpaceX as well as Roblox, Nestle and Lockheed Martin.


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It appears that Musk didn't have a well thought out plan for moving forward with Twitter before he dropped 54 billion dollars for it. Too bad for him and for his other companies. If he were smart about it, he'd fire a new CEO right away and extricate himself from the details of directing Twitter going forward.


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I didn't think that 8 dollar blue tick thing would work. I can just imagine how many fake accounts people made pretending to be other people for that low price.