TV episode of Law and Order abuses scripture

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by Len, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Len

    Len Well-Known Member

    Just saying how active TV shows are at misquoting, twisting, abusing and downright lying about God's word!! as I have just been watching a re run of Law and Order: SVU this episode was about a young teenage rape victim ..... one of the police officers is deeply effected and using the verse where Jesus says "suffer the little children to come unto me" goes onto accuse God of abusing children by making them to suffer to get to him ...... I just couldnt believe how bad that was .....
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  2. Cloud Watcher

    Cloud Watcher Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is rotten. Suffer, in that verse, just meant allow.
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  3. Anewcreationinjesus

    Anewcreationinjesus Well-Known Member

    Yet more brainwashing of the masses against the truth of scripture ... .to be honest, as I say to family, I prefer watching the birds in the garden to watching the brainwashing box in the living room which is full of poison ... :(
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  4. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

  5. ShilohRose

    ShilohRose Well-Known Member

    I guess the scriptwriter is ignorant of King James' English. I don't like to think it was a deliberate twisting. With Shakespeare no longer being required for an English degree, it could have been a mistake. On second thought, I doubt it.
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  6. JSTyler

    JSTyler Well-Known Member

    Otherwise known as wisdom.
  7. JSTyler

    JSTyler Well-Known Member

    Hehe! You got me. I was ready to hit the reply button and try to nicely say that. "You're being too nice, maybe a bit too naive."

    That last sentence though :D

    I love a great plot twist :popcorn
  8. JoyJoyJoy

    JoyJoyJoy Member

    Earlier this season on SVU, the actors used ' G.D' and twice used a slang word for a woman's anatomy....a 5 lettered word . IIRC, they called a boy this word. I wrote to the producers to protest this language on prime time television and havent watched a new episode since. I am a huge fan of the early seasons of the original Law and Order....loved Lennie esp.
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  9. Jonathan

    Jonathan Well-Known Member

    And there ain't nothing wrong with that. I'm not dissing all shows on television. On the contrary, when my dad was in the middle phase of his terminal Alzheimer's, we used to love watching a show called Burn Notice. It had the perfect combination of characters, suspense, and a very healthy sense of humor. But best of all, it didn't take it's sell too seriously. For the most part.

    But with that said, blue birds and squirrels have a lot to offer. ;P
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  10. Kevin Boyce

    Kevin Boyce New Member

    This is why my wife and I decided that at the beginning of 2019 we were not watching anymore secular tv. We watched shows like Law and Order SVU and others but it was just sickening what they were promoting in every episode. So we now mostly read the Bible and study together, watch some of the Youtube Pastors that we carefully vetted and make sure they are preaching the correct Gospel. We just cannot seem to watch secular TV anymore at all.
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  11. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    I just mostly watch youtube of people making videos of their pets. I am more entertained with that or self help videos.
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