Turkish court orders release of Pastor Brunson

Discussion in 'Breaking News & World Events' started by Almost Heaven, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Almost Heaven

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    ALIAGA, Turkey (Reuters) - A Turkish court ruled on Friday to release the U.S. evangelical Christian pastor at the center of a bitter diplomatic row between Ankara and Washington, a move that could be the first step toward mending ties between the NATO allies.

    The court passed a 3 years and 1-1/2 month sentence on Andrew Brunson, who had been charged with terrorism offences, but said he would not serve any further time because he had already been detained since October 2016.

    Witnesses said Brunson wept as the decision was announced. Before the judge’s ruling, the pastor told the court: “I am an innocent man. I love Jesus, I love Turkey.”

    With Brunson’s release, attention may now turn to the fate of a Turkish-U.S. national and former NASA scientist in jail in Turkey on terrorism charges, as well as local employees of the U.S. consulate who have also been detained.

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  2. Randy - Saved by Grace

    Randy - Saved by Grace Well-Known Member

    Praise God for answered prayer.
  3. Jeri minton

    Jeri minton Well-Known Member

    Thank God for the pastor's release.
  4. daygo

    daygo Well-Known Member

    Yes this is good, but I'm going to wait till he is released and out of Turkey.
  5. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Thank You Lord
  6. Almost Heaven

    Almost Heaven Well-Known Member

    From what I am reading the US military will be bringing him out with a stop-over in Germany.
  7. Joe B

    Joe B Well-Known Member

    That is great news and many prayers have been answered.
  8. daygo

    daygo Well-Known Member

    That's good news.
  9. mattfivefour

    mattfivefour Administrator Staff Member

    :yeah. Praise God! He is so faithful. Our prayers have been answered.
  10. Kerbluey

    Kerbluey Well-Known Member

  11. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    Wonderful! :pray ing for safe return for him and family.

  12. Forgiven1

    Forgiven1 Well-Known Member

    Such good news!! Thank you, Lord!
  13. John Romans

    John Romans Well-Known Member

  14. Kaatje

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    The pastor who was at the center of a diplomatic spat between Turkey and the United States will land at a military base near Washington on Saturday and will likely visit the White House the same day, President Donald Trump said on Friday.

    "We're very honored to have him back with us," Trump told reporters, referring to the release of pastor Andrew Brunson by a Turkish court. "He suffered greatly but we're very appreciative to a lot of people," Trump added, saying no deal had been made with Turkey on lifting US sanctions in exchange for Brunson's release.

  15. SonSeeker

    SonSeeker Well-Known Member

    Yes, our prayers have been answered!

    And having a strong president in the White House and a 'tough as nails" secdef Mattis behind the scenes may have helped, too.:thumbup
  16. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus


    ...“We are grateful for the President’s commitment and efforts in securing my release,” Brunson said in a statement released by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which has been working to secure his release. “My entire family thanks the president, the administration, and Congress for their unwavering support.”

    “This is the day our family has been praying for – I am delighted to be on my way home to the United States,” Brunson said. “It’s been an extremely difficult time for our family and we want to express our appreciation to the millions of people around the world who have faithfully prayed for this day.”

    “I am thankful for the representation of the American Center for Law & Justice – especially ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow and ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil – as well as the many others who worked so hard to obtain my freedom,” Brunson said....
  17. daygo

    daygo Well-Known Member

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  18. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    oh such good news.

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