Turkey’s goal is endless uncertainty in Syria


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Turkey’s goal is endless uncertainty in Syria
Things have come full circle. With Trump gone it is Ankara that appears to be begging for attention from the Biden administration.
NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Turkey’s President went to Europe for a meeting with US President Joe Biden. Ostensibly the meeting was so that Turkey could pitch some new policies to the US administration. Ankara has had to walk a thin line with the Biden administration because it was so close to the Trump administration and the ruling party in Turkey has been hostile to US Democrats and Biden in particular.

However Turkey has other things it wants. It wants to create instability and uncertainty in Syria as a distraction. Back in 2015 Turkey became concerned that the US was backing the newly created Syrian Democratic Forces, who were defeating ISIS in Syria. Turkey, which had helped enable tens of thousands to cross the border and join ISIS, wanted to use extremist groups in Syria as tools of Ankara’s policy. When those groups fought eachother and some turned to join ISIS, Ankara realized that it had to take a more active role in Syria.

In the beginning Ankara wanted a cheap way to support the Syrian rebels. By 2015 with the US sending special forces to Syria, Turkey became concerned that an empowered Kurdish-run polity in eastern Syria might inspire Kurds in Turkey. The ruling AKP party and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had once courted Kurdish voters but by 2015 it had begun to turn on minorities and former allies as it stoked conspiracy theories and increasing authoritarianism.

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