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Deb and I usually buy slice beef and turkey at the deli in the grocery stores each week, and for the past month or so there has been no turkey available.
No turkeys or turkey breasts in the meat departments, either. In fact, the delis have signs on the glass case fronts stating there is a big shortage of turkeys.er
So the day after Halloween, we go shopping..............and, guess what??? Turkeys Galore!!!! I can't help but believe they have been holding the turkeys back
from consumers so they would have a glut of 'em in November!!! Grrrrr!!!! Have you notice this where you live????

Andy C

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That's probably how I qualified for a free turkey back when they were giving them away.
This is one of the areas I miss about being on active duty. Every year, we would get many vouchers for young Marine familys to bring to the commissary for a free entire Thanksgiving meal to include a big turkey with all the usual trimmings. I would have the First Sergeants submit a list of junior married Marines with kids, and the CO and I would determine who got the vouchers, and nobody else in the command would know who got them for privacy. I would make sure they received the vouchers in the most private manner.


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I can't understand why there have not been shortages where you all are, but they have been here in So. Cal.
Wonder if our governor, Newsome has had something to do with it??? I wouldn't put anything past him..........
A question I will probably never get an answer to. I'm just glad we can get our sliced turkey again now.


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Actually, in our area we haven't had a shortage of fresh, frozen, or deli turkey. They've been outrageously expensive up until now, but dh got a turkey yesterday for .37 a pound. He's going back again next week and get another one so we can put it in the freezer to have later on.
Wow. 37 Cents a pound is unheard of! I just bought 4 turkeys and they were 68 cents a pound at the military base and I thought I got a great deal. I like to make a small turkey every so often because I make pot pies, sandwiches, etc with the left overs.