Turkey prepares to clash with Israel, Greece and EU over East Med


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Turkey prepares to clash with Israel, Greece and EU over East Med
Ankara’s goal is to break up Israel’s relations. It has also sought to entice Egypt with claims of reconciliation in the last month.
MARCH 16, 2021

Turkey has sent a diplomatic note to Greece and Israel, claiming that the two countries must seek “its permission before assuming work on a proposed undersea power cable in Eastern Mediterranean waters,” according to reports in Ankara on Monday night. This comes just days after Israel ended a naval drill with Cyprus, Greece and France. Turkey signed a deal with the embattled government in Libya in 2019 and has been threatening claims by Nicosia and Athens at sea over the past year.

In April and December 2020, Turkey claimed it wanted to reconcile with Israel, seeking to entice it away from an emerging partnership with Greece. Turkey’s pro-government media even sought to send maps to Israel, claiming it could sign a maritime deal with Jerusalem that would wipe Cyprus’ claims off the map. Instead, Israel and Cyprus have amicable ties and a maritime boundary that they agree on. Israel is getting new Sa’ar 6 ships to defend its exclusive economic zone at sea and its gas platforms.

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