Turkey not allowing Israeli consul to visit jailed couple


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Turkey not allowing Israeli consul to visit jailed couple
Bennett: We’re doing everything to bring “innocent citizens who accidentally ended up in a complex situation” home from Turkey.
Published: NOVEMBER 14, 2021

Concern is growing in Jerusalem about the status of Natali and Mordy Oaknin, the two Israelis arrested in Istanbul after taking a photograph of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s palace, with Israeli officials making little progress toward gaining their release. Israel’s request for an urgent consular visit to the couple in jail remained unanswered on Sunday, the day after it was submitted. The Foreign Ministry put together a task force to handle the diplomatic, legal and consular aspects of the situation, but a diplomatic source admitted that not much happened on any of those fronts on Sunday.

Turkish police had originally recommended deporting the Oaknins, notifying Israel of its plans, but then the prosecution asked that the couple, as well as a Turkish citizen who was with them, face charges of “political or military espionage,” according to Turkish media. A court extended their remand on Friday for at least 20 days, as the prosecution prepares its case for a trial. The move toward spying charges against the Oaknins, Egged bus drivers who live in Modi’in, sparked widespread speculation in Hebrew media that Erdogan’s government could be using their case for political reasons, which could further damage the poor state of relations between Jerusalem and Ankara that has lasted for over a decade.

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