Turkey botches raid, blames 'terrorists,' attacks domestic critics


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Turkey botches raid, blames 'terrorists,' attacks domestic critics
How did all this begin?
FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Within a 24-hour period, Turkey’s ruling party and its supporters managed to, first, admit they botched a deadly raid in northern Iraq, blamed “terrorists” for killing people harmed in the raid, and then moved the target to attack domestic political opponents. Turkey’s AK Party, which has been in power almost two decades and has recently pushed invasions of Syria, Libya and Armenia and hosts Hamas terrorists, is now pushing for a new war in Iraq, Syria and at home.

How did all this begin? Turkey claims it is fighting Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) “terrorists.” In 2015, a ceasefire between the government and the PKK broke down and Turkey launched a massive war of scorched earth across Kurdish cities, eventually defeating what remained of the PKK in Turkey. At the same time, the government sought to isolate and radicalize the opposition HDP Party. It called new elections twice in 2015 and used a coup attempt in 2016 to push through new presidential powers, a purse of civil society, and removal of parliamentary immunity. The government threw out 60 of 65 elected HDP mayors and imprisoned Selahattin Demirtas, co-leader of the party.

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