Tucker Carlson out at Fox News

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Tucker Carlson has gotten a job offer from One America News or (AON) has reportedly offered Tucker Carlson a salary roughly three times higher than what he was previously earning as the highest-rated cable news host. A statement from OAN's twitter confimed that their CEO has extended " an invitation to Carlson to meet for negotiation ".

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Tucker Carlson was making 45 million a year with his Fox contract. He also inherited a large sum, and is currently worth over 300 million. He wont be hurting in between jobs.

Over the years, I have only watched portions of his show. Some I thought were excellent, other shows, headline grabbers, not based on facts. He definitely is a huge thorn for democrats.

Rarely do I watch the news, and its even rarer I would watch a evening news show. Although his show is not considered a “News” show in the traditional sense, its more like a TV version of Rush Limbaugh, an opinion based commentary show on the top stories.

I still miss Rush, spot on commentary for many years.


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I like Tucker’s speech, but I’m not sure I believe it otherwise communism/socialism would’ve never gain a foothold anywhere at any time. But I hope he’s right.


Voices of Truth and sanity are getting replaced by global talking heads. AI will make it easy to produce scripts of uniformity/conforming mantras. YET.....

I look for the likes of Glen Beck and Sean Hannity to be used mightily in acceptance of the AC. They will be prime targets of his deception. Its going to be that deceptive in that those who have seemed to be on the right but are still NOT grounded on a Biblical World View, will be used to CENTER everyone who is not!

COEXIST with "we are all in this together" and "we will all prosper during this coming time of peace and security" as we join to fight the forces of climate change, extremism and hunger. "Debt forgiveness" will sound messianic. We see satanism arising in huge popularity according the media but I think its the bad cop that will push the masses towards An Angel of Light!! Obviously same devil but more broadly accepted. Santa Claus is coming to town to give internet access and tech and electronics to to the globe, "we must all be connected/unite!" Everyone allowed but JESUS ...at least as His Biblical Self! New Age Jesus, he will be fitting right in.

I don't know about you, but the only direction I know to see any type of HOPE is UP!!! \O/
I pray for Glen Beck and his family. He has a good heart and is trying to fight (verbally) for America. I love his podcast and pray he will come to know the truth before it is too late.


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Tucker Isn't fired-Fox News Has Big Plans Through 2024.His Contract has not ended . His Lawyers Are Still Negotiating A End To His Contract.

They better because they are losing ratings Tucker is who people want to see. These guys need to get their stories straight if he still has a contract, they should not have let him go. I wonder how he will react. My afterthought is someone is :calvin thinking with their dipstick. :eek:
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