TSA keeping us safe in the air

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My oldest granddaughter became a TSA agent a few years ago. My son just told me she found a loaded gun in someone's carry-on bag. Skeery. Hope this counts toward a promotion. Maybe the person thought that the government shutdown would let him get away with it. Loser!


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Wow! I had my messy bun searched last time I flew. The metal in the elastic holder set off the machine, so I had to step to the side while a bossy lady TSA agent manhandled my bun, lol.


On the other hand...last time I was in Orlando which was admittedly back in 2002, the TSA stopped me when going through the metal detector because I had on a jean jacket and the buttons set off the detector. So far ok but then a kid grabbed my purse from the luggage belt and TSA held onto me so I couldn't chase him. They didn't even turn around to see what the kid was doing. Didn't care at all.