Trumps plan to open America

Cindy S.

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Our law here is if you get caught not wearing your seatbelt click it or ticket. They would need some enforcers, if you don't wear a mask they will fine you! If people thought they would have to pay money out, they just might wear a mask.
no shirt, no shoes, no service.
no mask, no entry into establishments, public transit, etc
I would willingly wear a mask, even though they are hot and make my nose run.


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Some places have to be more strict than others. NYC probably would have to lock down, but not other areas. That's why it's a state by state issue or county by county issue. This has to be dealt with by each area's conditions. Just doing a one-size-fits-all approach is the worst way to deal with it. Let the states handle it and the Fed can just help the states.


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It would have been cheaper to require everyone to wear a mask in public IMO.
Locking us down has done more damage than good.
The virus is still out there "they" say.
If they can force us to wear seatbelts...
I have been screaming all along that the infection rate would have been less if they required everyone to wear masks. Dr Fauci was wrong to say that masks don't work and he has since done an about face. We need to get people back to work and there is a way that we can do so safely.


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What good is a mask if the virus can be transmitted just as easily thru your eyes?
Agreed. The eyes are another vector that the virus can enter the body. I wear glasses so my eyes are somewhat protected plus I know not to fidget with the mask or to use my fingers to rub my nose or touch my eyes. If everyone would wear a mask it would also protect others when someone sneezes or coughs it would go into the mask and not sprayed into the air.

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What I've heard said is that you wearing a mask protects the other person from your breath or cough, - of course it's very limited coverage.
A surgical style mask will about double your chances of not getting the bug. If you're wearing a mask it'll deflect microbes if you cough or sneeze so people around you are much less likely to come in contact with microbes that you've just spewed.

I just received a bunch of the surgical type masks from a relative by marriage. I put one on, snapped a selfie and sent it to the gift giver saying thanks. She quickly pointed out that I wasn't wearing it correctly. Once I figured out how to wear the thing I noticed that it did a much superior job of filtering both incoming and outgoing air.