Trump’s Indictment is Missing a Crime


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Trump’s Indictment is Missing a Crime
And Bragg is out of his depth.
By Daniel Greenfield

There’s a reason every major Democrat, including Schumer and Pelosi, wanted to keep their distance from Bragg’s circus and now that the indictment is out, the reasons are more obvious than ever.

The only thing Bragg’s indictment shows is how far he is out of his depth. Which is not surprising. No one has ever accused DA Alvin Bragg of being a capable prosecutor. He won fame for not filling charges rather than for filling them. Relying on a DOJ prosecutor to do the work for him just produced the kind of sheet you expect from the fed crowd, but there’s a big difference between the DOJ going after somebody by inventing a crime, especially if that person isn’t a billionaire and the goal is to force him to plead to something, than going after a former president in a local office with 34 counts of… ‘falsifying business records’.

The case is a joke, which doesn’t mean that it may not succeed in the short term, but will fail in the long term. And seeing this, I’m skeptical about even the short-term success.

Bragg’s people have invented a crime with a lot of arm-waving, but even in a hyper-partisan environment, arm-waving may not be enough.

The central problem that Bragg is facing is that he’s accusing Trump of concealing a crime but there’s no actual crime here. There’s a scheme to conceal a potential political scandal, but that’s not a crime. The only real chance here was a process crime. That’s something the feds might have pulled off, but Bragg’s people never bothered to really try, so they’re stuck arguing that it’s a crime to cover up an affair.

Good luck with that.