Trump Tombstone Found in Central Park

Almost Heaven

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An apparent tombstone left for Donald Trump has been removed from Central Park after it was spotted by passersby this weekend.

The tombstone, which had the name Trump engraved on it, was found in the Sheep's Meadow area of the park, and was removed overnight.

The tombstone also listed the date 1946, the real estate mogul's birth year, but no year of death was engraved on it.

"Made America Hate Again" was also inscribed on the stone.


Looking Up
The thing is, I feel, that even if you don't agree with Donald Trump or don't like him, he hasn't done anything to warrant this level of hatred towards him.

I've been paying attention. I've noticed that not one person who actually knows Donald Trump has said a bad word against him. Everyone seems to like him. There are no women, no men, no kids, no past employees, no business people, no city officials, nobody has besmirched Trump. And even if there are a handful who can come out against him, the 'likes' heavily tip the scale.

I'm not saying he's perfect, he is not. There are a couple of questionable business dealings, if you believe the media. Also, some personal shortcomings. (kinda like the rest of us, lest we forget.)

It's not good enough for people to just not vote for him if they don't like his politics. The threats are over the top. Too bad he's not a Muslim holding up the teachings of Islam. His support would then know no bounds and you'd be marginalized for your "hate speech" if you said something against that religion of "peace".

The world has gone whacky, just like the Bible foretold.