Trump: I've made decision on 2024 run, now it's just a question of timing announcement

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Well, this is good to know! Trump/Desantis are my faves. I don’t think we could go wrong with either of them!
How about a ticket with both of them on it? President: DeSantis VP: Trump
I placed Mr. Trump in second position this time. If he should ever be President again, it would be just another re-run of his four years in office, not a moment's peace.


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I agree the dems are so desperate to stay in office they will do whatever it takes to get what they want which is power and greed. I believe Trump wants to run because as when he was President he truly cares about his country.
Yes and every time I think of Trump being president again I can’t help but think of JFK. These godless people will stop at nothing to keep him out of the WH.