Trump holds a celebration of the same-sex marriage law — at Mar-a-Lago


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Such a disappointment, and Robert Jeffress seemed to like him. He should be having a change of mind/heart over Trumps gay approval.
Maybe :hmmm
Some of the well known pastors enjoy being in the White House. Many years ago, when Billy Graham was alive and still active in his ministry, he almost always managed to work it into the conversation that he'd been visiting (current) President _____, whenever he was being interviewed on TV.
I got really tired of this, even though I used to enjoy his crusades in earlier years.


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Unfortunately, any politician who wants to win must have a wide support base. So, I wise politician will align themselves with a variety of groups hoping to gain enough votes to win. Maybe if the alphabet people are conservative enough to vote for Trump there may be hope they will change.


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Maybe if the alphabet people are conservative enough to vote for Trump there may be hope they will change.
Uhh...what? :scratch :scratch
He supports their sin, why would they change? lol. And for what reason..
So they're not changing for the Lord, but Trump will change them? Not how sin works.

Groups are subverting the R party and have been for years, and I can see this is how they've done it successfuly. :ohno


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In my little mind I believe I believe he applies his business mind to most everything he does. If it takes doing xyz to get a job done then he will do xyz. Not saying some of the things he does are right.

it is a long time before we see all who will be running for office and the events that will shape the political landscape.

I’m disenchanted with politicians period. I don’t believe they can do much to affect our nation because God has firmly in his control these last days that we are in. Things are never going to go back to what we consider normal.

I’m looking forward to seeing the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


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I despise most politicians of all stripes, and Trump sometimes irritates me -- I'm much more of a Reagan conservative, and identify as more independent than Republican these days. However -- if it was Trump or some Democrat loon, there's no way that I would a) vote for the Democrat, or b) sit out the election and effectively vote for the Democrat anyway. A vote for Trump doesn't mean I agree with all of his positions.


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:ohno I knew he has friendliness toward homosexuality, but I didn't think he would so openly and brazenly call for a celebration of it with a gala.
Trump is a man of the world's system. He did some good things as president, but his values always remained worldly. Trump had his day in the sun, but his political future is nonexistent. We need someone with Trump's strength, but without the baggage and the abrasiveness. We need someone strong, who will be a bulwark against the Left and its radical agenda, but also be able to conduct themselves with grace, dignity and maturity.


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Yes, Janice, unfortunately I found another source for this story as well. I think most of us never really knew Mr. Trump. I was pleased with his kindness toward Israel and the change in location of the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Sometimes I think it's easy to attribute positive traits to a person when we see them doing some things that we agree with & not look as long at their actions that we're somewhat uncomfortable with, i.e., his son-in-law.
What did his son-in-law do?