Trump cheers Chris Cuomo suspension: 'Fredo is gone!'

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Are you sure Griffin was the producer of Cuomo's show? I've read he worked with Cuomo at some point and was a producer at CNN, but not that he specifically produced his show.
Now, Newsweek is reporting it. All of the leftist media will eventually have to cover it. They will try to put a cap on it to keep it from spreading far and wide. They will say, "now we have flushed out the corrupt parties"--they always keep lower level people for the purpose of throwing them to the hounds, if they cannot contain the accusations.

It has been reported for several years that the Entertainment-Media Industrial Complex is full of every kind of sexual perversion there is. It has also been said that they have tentacles everywhere and that it is tied to the D.C. Swamp, as well as European Satanic networks. New young G.O.P. Congress people would be wise to stay away from ANY Washington parties as that is purportedly where the D.C. Swamp get them "passed-out drunk" or high on dope and then take compromising pix of them. They could be entirely innocent, but they get blackmailed and threatened with jail just the same. Epstein's operation was just a small part of that blackmail gang. At the height of his operation, he was purportedly involved with a number of very big names in Hollywood. The leftist media is trying not to cover the Maxwell trial but it was revealed yesterday that Alec Baldwin was one of the Hollywood names in the infamous "black book" of those he had ferried to his private island getaway in St. Thomas. It was recorded on passenger manifests that Bill Clinton visited the island 26 times. Probably didn't go there to enjoy surfing and sun.