Trump charged in US special counsel probe in efforts to overturn 2020 election


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Our messages are lukewarm, we are not zealous (I’m no innocent bystander in this) instead of preaching and telling the congregation of the truth, we fear dividing the congregation in fears people will stop coming to church or stop tithing.
God has placed us all when and where he desired on this earth. I believe that there are different “mission fields” he’s put us each in, and ours ( 1st world western) is dangerous for those very reasons. While Christians in poorer nations have physical persecution and the very real threat of disease/ famine/ etc, their faith is STRONG!! I envy that faith. While we sit in our nice air conditioned homes, easily distracted by whatever, and faced with SO MANY spiritual temptations. It’s difficult to keep the faith strong in such a pampered environment and that’s what’s makes our “mission field” spiritually dangerous. Our African and middle eastern brothers may lose their lives for God, but their eternity is more secure. While we have no physical threat, our Western faith (generally speaking) is much weaker BECAUSE we’ve been so blessed and forgotten who the blessings come from. Hope that all made sense.


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Well considering he’s been known to hang out with anti-Trumpers like Paul Ryan et al I can’t say I’m surprised. In politics by and large you can’t trust anyone as far you can throw them no matter how upright they seem. It’s fair to say that a fair amount of Republicans did not like the idea of Trump becoming their nominee and then president. So now they are happy. I saw a brief headline that said Trump could get the death penalty for one of the charges. I need to check that out further. These people- all of them regardless of party - are disgusting.

I checked this last point out and under 18 USC section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights carries a sentence of 10 years in prison. It also states that if actions covered under this result in death then the offender may face execution. Ashli Babbitt died and the fact that some Capitol Police officer was the one who shot and killed her even though she wasn’t a direct threat to him is what they may base this on. Also a Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died of what was later determined to be a stroke. These are both a reach but I’d put nothing past this bunch.
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These evil, despicable lunatics are so out of their minds that I keep waiting for them to prosecute President Trump for being the person who shot JFK, was responsible for Amelia Earhart's disappearance, and for being the Zodiak Killer. Being the Trump Derangement Syndrome psychopaths they are, they'd probably hand him over to the Brits, claiming he was Jack the Ripper, if they thought he might get convicted. :doh They have proof piled sky-high that the Bidens have committed serious crimes against this country, but they don't do a thing. President Trump looks cross eyed at one of these nutjobs and they're ready to send him to prison ~ or worse. :hairout
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