True oil crash

Everlasting Life

Through Faith in Jesus
Things are certainly interesting to say the least! :woah

I'm at this point where I'm taking one day at a time, looking for God's directions. We are at that kind of place. So often, what I think is going to happen and what actually happens are so different.

I was also struck by "peace and safety". The beast only offers "peace and safety". This is only achieved as the beast makes slaves to cower...Christ offers "peace and Love"....perfect love drives out all fear......
Your comments made me think that this very situation may be what drives this world towards that one world government (other smart people have mentioned that on R.F. but your comments kind of honed it in more for me).

Thank God for His perfect love.......sigh......that's such a wonderful blessing. :)

Love the humor in this thread, thanks for the laugh out loud moments, needed it! :lol