Trick/Treat packs


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I'm putting together trick/treat packs for Halloween. I got 75 paper lunch bags ($1.50), a couple bags of chocolate candy ($6.00) and ordered some English and Spanish tracts from for (150 for $15.00). My son and his wife and my Bible Study group will add whatever they choose and then they will be distributed at the church for their annual Trunk or Treat. This is hardly a new idea but I just wanted to show how easy and affordable it can be. Personally, I don't think we have much time on earth left (maybe 5 years at most, certainly not 10, but we'll see). Anyway, with whatever time remains, every way we can share the gospel is valid. The people who will be bringing their children to the church are people that I would, frankly, be unlikely to meet in any standard setting so this may the the only chance that I have to impact their lives. Only God knows what things, no matter how small or unlikely, will be the issue that starts a conversation or a thought or a decision. And $30.00 or so is worth it if one person comes to faith. So, an easy thing to do if you choose to take part. Note: If you are doing something like this and haven't gotten your tracts, order them now, like today.