Transportation experts are concerned about the electricity demands of electric vehicles during large natural disaster evacuations


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Living in a hurricane prone area next to a major evacuation route, I can only imagine the nightmare of trying to flee a hurricane in an electric car. All the evacuation routes originating from the coastal parts of Texas suffered major clogging during the evacuation for Hurricane Rita. We lived further from the coast then, so my parents evacuated to our home. What normally was a four hour drive took them over 12 hours, and they took back roads instead of the highways The major routes were so congested that countless people ran out of gas. One hundred and ten people died from the disastrous evacuation before the storm even hit. If that happened with gasoline powered cars that can be quickly filled when they reach a gas pump, it only makes sense that trying to recharge electric cars would only add to the danger of getting so many people to safety. I hope I never see that scenario unfold.

I have been saying the exact same thing. People have trouble evacuating using gas powered vehicles. I can't imagine trying to evacuate with an EV.