Trans Terror Against Christians


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Trans Terror Against Christians
The Left’s constant incitement bears tragic fruit.
By Robert Spencer

Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a woman claiming to be a man, murdered six people at Covenant School, a Christian school in Nashville, thereby highlighting just how dangerous our society-wide coddling of mental illness really is. It is also quite possible that Hale was incited to violence: the Virginia chapter of the Trans Radical Activist Network on Jan. 30 called for a “Trans Day of Vengeance,” involving a march in Washington, D.C. on April Fools Day to “Stop Trans Genocide.” Lying to people and telling people they’re the victims of genocide when they aren’t may end up breeding a paranoia and rage that could all too easily boil over. In that and in all manner of other ways, Audrey Elizabeth Hale looks to have been a product of what contemporary Leftism can do to a human being.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson put it succinctly, tweeting on Monday: “The Colorado Springs shooter identified as non binary. The Denver shooter identified as trans. The Aberdeen shooter identified as trans. The Nashville shooter identified as trans. One thing is VERY clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists.”

There certainly does seem to be a pattern. On Nov. 19, 2022, a young man named Anderson Aldrich murdered five people and wounded 18 others at a gay nightclub, Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Leftists quickly blamed Republicans for not going along with the entirety of their radical LGBTQ+ agenda. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) tweeted that “the victims & their families are in my prayers, and New York Times reporter Benjamin Ryan immediately asserted that “Lauren Boebert is one of the nation’s leading tweeters of anti-#LGBTQ slurs.” His evidence was a number of tweets in which Boebert referred to groomers; Ryan and other Leftists continue to ignore steadfastly the grooming of children that is becoming all too common.

Ryan was not alone; on The View, Whoopi Goldberg sneered at Boebert: “They don’t really need your prayers and thoughts. They needed your votes. That’s what they need. This is what rhetoric brings. Words matter. Words matter. And people like Lauren Boebert, who, you know, has been in the forefront of dissing LGBTQ+ people is now saying her prayers and thoughts go with the families.”

All this blew up on the Left, however, when Anderson Aldrich declared that he was non-binary and demanded to be referred to with the pronouns “they/them,” as if he were plural. Leftist activists insisted that he was just trolling, and that could indeed be the case, as apparently he has used “homophobic slurs” in the past. But Aldrich is not the only one.

On May 7, 2019, two young men, Devon Erickson and Alec McKinney, murdered one person and injured eight others at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Douglas County, Colorado. CBS News referred to McKinney as “a trans boy.” The attack appears to have been motivated by rage at opponents of the transgender delusion: CBS added that “McKinney testified that Erickson told him ‘many stories’ about how certain students disliked transgenders. ‘Typically I don’t care, but I felt [Erickson’s] anger was my own,’ McKinney testified.”

Before that, On September 20, 2018, four people were murdered outside a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland. The Daily Caller reported that the shooter was “a 26-year-old woman named Snochia Moseley. While both the police and court documents identified Moseley, who worked at the distribution center, as biologically female, Troi Coley, a high school friend of the shooter, revealed that she identified as transgender in as early as 2016.”

Moseley reportedly said in December 2016: “I just started talking about [being transgender]. “My sister is totally supportive, my brothers already had an idea, my mom I haven’t gotten around to admitting it to yet. but she’s heard about it somehow.” She spoke with Coley “about starting hormone treatment.” Coley stated after the murders: “She wasn’t a monster, wasn’t an angry person. I just believe this was emotional distress. If she did this, it was her last straw.”

Could it be that transgender individuals are suffering that emotional distress and getting to that last straw point because of activists such as the Trans Radical Activist Network constantly feeding their sense of grievance and victimhood by telling them they’re liable to become victims of a genocide? Could the Left’s overheated rhetoric and massive projection about how patriots and adherents of traditional values want to kill their opponents be boiling over now into genuine acts of violence from the other side? It wouldn’t be the first time. And it will certainly cause no introspection or change of course among Leftists.