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Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by lenraff, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. lenraff

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    A young man we know recently came to Christ and immediately caught fire for God. I have been having wonderful discussions with him about the Bible and testifying. He recently asked for a source for tracks. We have been buying tracts in bulk for years and since he is not working, we were happy to offer him a ongoing supply. Several Thousand tracts later, we're happily scrambling to keep up with his efforts, LOL. What a difference the fifty years between us seems to make, again, LOL.

    Seriously though, he was recently attacked in a obvious spiritual assault. He had testified to a group of young people some of whom, we learned, were deeply involved in the occult. Being a novice and not recognizing the signs, he accepted an invitation to their church, A ONENESS MESS, complete with prophetesses and much demonic activity. The result being confusion in his mind and a darkness following him home. Well, he got clear of that mess, and clean escaped, and as usual our Lord turned the tables on the enemy once again, Praise God.

    Just a couple of the girls from the group have come away from that den of iniquity, and riding home in the church van last night one of them began to recite word for word the Chick Tract "Bewitched". She began to tell all in the van she recognized the marks of witchcraft in that oneness church through studying the information Brother Chick provided.
    She proudly proclaimed "Now I KNOW all that stuff is of the Devil" This from the daughter of the self proclaimed prophetess who we found out, practices necromancy!!(Among other abominations).

    If you or someone you know is involved in a tract ministry please pass this on as it will encourage their efforts as it has ours. And if you are asking yourself what can I do to win souls, please pray about passing out tracks. This youngster was recued with a $0.17 Tract, Think about it.
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  2. chaser

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  3. Chris

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    We have about 200 RF tracts going out to India tomorrow. :thumbup
  4. lenraff

    lenraff Well-Known Member

    That's great to hear. I was unaware there were RF tracks. I look for them. Thank You, and God bless your outreach to India.
  5. Chris

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  6. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    My church has racks of them for free.
    I need to stock up again. I don't know why I quit spreading them out where I go.
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