Tracts still work, part II


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We have been traveling to visit family and friends as well as church family we know. We had lunch with a Brother that’s had a outreach on the Jersey boardwalk for 23 years. When the waiter brought the check I was moved to hand him Spanish language tracts.
He immediately began to give his testimony as a new Christian and we exchanged phone numbers with a promise to stay in touch.

Okay here comes the testimony: The next day his pastor calls to ask to meet. As we fellowshiped he told me the outreach he had planned
They will be placing a Gospel tract in EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN NEW JERSEY!!

I have partnered with them and have alerted our tract sources to a possible series of bulk shipments to Jersey, possibly 3-4 million. We have two thousand volunteers to walk zip code by zip code and hang them on every door in the state PRAISE GOD!!
My wife and I have distributing tracts over forty years and this is the most exciting thing the Lord has done so far.
The harvest is almost over, we are learning to step out and believe God for greater things before that day comes. Be praying for us please and be bold to testify brethren, it’s the last hour. Maranatha