Top Likud MK on Netanyahu: 'He made all the possible mistakes'


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Top Likud MK on Netanyahu: 'He made all the possible mistakes'
"Why did he agree to give Gideon, Bennett, Gantz and everyone else the role of prime minister, just so he could not give it to anyone else in the Likud?" Edelstein asked.
JUNE 20, 2021

While in public, Likud MK and former health minister Yuli Edelstein has kept fairly quiet regarding his decision to run in the next Likud Party primary. In private, however, he has told other high ranking Likud members that he intends on winning and didn't spare any harsh words for his party leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a series of leaked conversations published by Kan News on Sunday evening.

During one of the conversations, Edelstein said, "I do not want to smear it much. I do not intend to be second on the list. I intend to win," and adding that if the current government starts to falter, it will be difficult to face Netanyahu. Edelstein was reportedly pleasantly surprised by the reaction to his announced primary run, saying "I was sure they would attack me, but I was surprised to find that no matter where I went, people kept saying it was time to replace Netanyahu." He continued to heavily criticize Netanyahu's conduct, saying that "He made all the possible mistakes."