Tomorrow will complete the sixth month since the inauguration of Joe Biden and I would like -


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The events of last year up until January of this year were stunning. We've seen first-hand the decline of America under the hands of the Marxists.

And when that was complete, we've witnessed the first hints of the rebuilding of Babylon when the Pope visited the land of Shinar. It's incredible how things have unfolded and are still unfolding in our time.


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I’m going say “C’MON, MAN!” 180 times (once for every day in office), take all 3 primary jabs at once (moderna, pfizer, j&j), and be in bed by 5pm, just in time for wheel of fortune
Aren’t you going down in the basement? You have to be in the basement for the evening or your celebration won’t be complete.

Remember go to the basement. :laugh