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My church family has been growing so fast since 2020. We didn’t livestream before the shutdowns and when mentioning it prior to the shutdown he said “That will be the next pastor, not me.” (His wife and I joke that his comment is why the pandemic happened to force pastor to go online). Anyway, we started out as a small 250 if that country church to now having doubled. Online we have sometimes almost 900 people watching. For us that is an amazing number. Our church is packed every Sunday as if it was Christmas/Easter. And this past Easter was packed with two services. I’m not bragging on my congregation but God. It is amazing what God is doing in my community. I thought I’d share my church’s link so those who may be looking for a church home, you can join mine. It is getting exciting even though it’s also dark. I see so much happening that indicates it won’t be long.

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I think this is one of the most important posts on RF this year. Just as God was working when Joseph, Egypt, the world and Jacob's family was going through tough times, so too, God is working, yet again, today, through tough times.

I think this is a most important focus. This is God working and your post yrrek is a wonderful testament to this. These very challenges today are shaking people's world and causing them to look to God again. These challenges of our day is God's grace moving hearts and minds to seek Him.

The same things are happening in my area as well and others.

Let's all keep our eyes open to what God is doing and seek where He would have us get plugged in. :nod