Today I temporarily lost my Aunt Ruth, a lifelong missionary


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She died this morning after a very brief return of the lymphoma she battled a year or so ago. God gave her a reprieve which she used in typical fashion.

She was asking for prayer last night so she could go home to wind up some things on her computer for her employer, another missionary outfit who she worked with after Wycliffe retired her.

She was 78.

Yesterday morning was the first time she couldn't hold her Bible up to read her morning portion, and had to ask someone to read for her in the hospital bed she was in as of a couple of days ago.

Today she woke up in the arms of our Lord.

This is the person I have waiting ahead of me in heaven, along with my Uncle Dr. Ker Thomson (some of you remember him as that friend of Barry Setterfield and a Creation Scientist) and with my mother and their parents.

This was a National Post article written recently. You'll see her as a debutante, a young missionary and near the end of the article as she was when this article was written.

That was written by a secular news source. this next one covers what she has been up to lately

During her time with the Kayapo, she translated the New Testament into Kayapo. She finished an audio tape reenactment of the gospels 2 years ago and was asking me for prayer 2 weeks ago that she would be able to get back down to Brazil and work some more.

Died with her missionary boots on if you ask me.

I used to call her my "Ever Ready Bunny" of Missionaries because what this article won't tell you is the number of times she's been given up for death and God has healed her and she just keeps on ticking.

I love her dearly and look forward to seeing her in the Rapture along with my mother and the whole family, not my father sadly. He died this spring as he lived, refusing Christ.

Such a contrast. I may have some tears, but mostly I feel joy at how Auntie Ruthie died serving Christ to her last breath!!!! And I know I'll see her soon. Praise God for His richest blessings and mercies.

May we all finish well if we go before the Rapture.

Meanwhile keep spreading the Gospel, OCCUPY till HE COMES!!!!

It won't be long Saints it won't be long.
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Thank you. This is my Auntie, with her usual grin and joy in living for her Lord Jesus.