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Thoroughly Modern Milley
Chief CRT instructor Gen. Mark Milley has conditions set for losing the next war.
By Lloyd Billingsley

“Right now, I would say that the conditions are set for winning this war.” That was Gen. Mark Milley, second in command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, to an Associated Press reporter back in 2013. By 2021, the war had yet to be won, and U.S. troops are heading for home. Gen. Milley has been promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “the nation’s highest ranking military officer and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.” In that exalted post, Gen. Milley has found a new enemy on the home front.

According to I Alone Can Fix It, coming out Tuesday from Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Phillip Rucker, Gen. Milley believes Donald Trump is the moral equivalent of Adolph Hitler, but there is more to it. According to Gen. Milley, Trump’s followers are “brownshirts,” and his complaints about voter fraud were calls for genocide. “This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said. “The gospel of the Führer.” That recalls the 2018 proclamation of MSNBC’s Donnie Deutsch that “if you voted for Trump, you are a Nazi.”

As all voters might wonder, who is this General who replicates the reductio ad Hitlerum? For one thing, Milley is not a “mustang,” an enlisted man who rose through the ranks. Mark Milley received his commission from Army ROTC at Princeton, where he graduated in 1980 with a degree in political science. Milley also earned a master’s degree in international relations from Columbia University. At these Ivy League institutions Milley learned the reductio ad Hitlerum, now the first resort of the left in any argument.

As Tucker Carlson notes, “you hear someone compare his political enemies to Nazis, you know for sure he went to Princeton.” Perhaps for that reason, the general fancies himself an erudite intellectual.

“I’ve read Mao Zedong, I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin,” Milley said in recent hearings. “That doesn’t make me a communist.” Nobody said he was a communist, but the General had to display his mastery of the straw-man argument. On the other hand, he probably fancies himself the equivalent of Army chief counsel Joseph Welch telling Sen. McCarthy “have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

Milley earned a masters from the U.S. Naval War College in national security and strategic studies, and he is also a graduate of the MIT Seminar XXI National Security Studies Program. Nothing in his profile about West Point but after multiple command and staff positions in eight divisions and Special Forces for 39 years, there are a few things he should know.

The sole purpose of the United States military is to fight the nation’s battles. The test for any military policy is whether it enhances the ability to fight and win. Unit cohesion and morale are both critical to victory, but Gen. Milley now deploys Critical Race Theory (CRT) a policy that will destroy both. That is what one would expect from an Ivy League type, but not from a “mustang” officer.

According to Eric Milzarski, who deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne, mustang officers take on more important tasks than their peers, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty with their troops. Combat soldiers love mustang officers, as Milzarski explains, because “their heads aren’t up their asses.”

By Gen. Milley’s standards, a lecture on the 1921 Tulsa race riot would have spurred on the landing forces on D-Day. Likewise, a breakdown of the Dred Scott decision might have helped the First Special Services Force scale Monte La Difensa and prevail against entrenched Nazi troops. Telling American soldiers the USA was founded to perpetuate slavery, as CRT has it, would surely have boosted morale in the Battle of the Bulge. Anyone who agrees with Milley on this front, as WWII vets would say, must have their head where no light shines.

Current enlisted men may have grandfathers who fought in that war. Likewise, many enlisted men may have thought Donald Trump was a better choice than Hillary Clinton and a better leader than the addled Joe Biden. If these men think Milley is the worst-ever Joint Chiefs boss it would be hard to blame them.

Back in the 1980s, U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger called Polish strongman Wojciech Jaruzelski a “Russian general in a Polish uniform.” Chairman Mark Milley is an Ivy League blowhard in a military uniform, a jowly Gen. Ripper pining to unleash military force against Americans he dislikes. Chairman Milley is also imposing policies he knows will weaken the United States and embolden foreign foes.

A military divided by critical race theory and Trump Derangement Syndrome is not the best military the United States can field. As George Will has noted, going into battle with the second-best military is like playing poker with the second-best hand. You have two choices, bluff or fold.

In 2013, Gen. Milley said the conditions were set for victory in Afghanistan. In 2021, under the command of Gen. Milley, the conditions are set for losing any war on any front.


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I just have one question for Milley: What is your plan for overthrowing the Communist dictatorship and its military in Cuba and liberating the Cuban people?