This last election

Lujack Skylark

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This last election almost feels like the separation of sheep and goats before the rapture as the Obamanationites will be blindly lead to their destruction. It may take the rapture to open the eyes of some goats.


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I think God would be using a slightly different separation method than did you vote for Romney or Obama.

However, I know what you are saying here. Yes many people have chosen to follow blindly after those who are leading them straight over the edge of a cliff to a certain death.

I agree the Rapture will certainly be an event that will make many people on this planet sit up and take notice and hopefully Seek the Lord. :((


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Well there is the donkeys denied God and the elephants acknowledged God. So from that sense there was a separation. The same thing happened during the 2008 election. Albeit more succinctly in that Sarah Palen was definitely born again Christian.