This is what I remember...


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This is what I remember...

I was drinking my morning coffee before going to work. We lived in Alaska at the time so it was 6:00ish. Our phone rang -- highly unusual so early in the morning. It was an awesome friend who had moved to Montana. He said the Pentagon had been bombed or something. Then he said it looked like planes had been flown into the WTC. I got to work and TVs were being set up everywhere. This allowed me to see the towers fall. Then all air traffic was halted in the US. In Alaska, this means it becomes eerily silent as this is the chief means of transportation. A doctor friend found out his brother was able to get out of one of the towers before it collapsed.

We as a nation prayed together...This is what I remember.


I remember it being a beautiful sunny but cool day. I drove to the health food store feeling happy and walked in to see my friend who worked there, with a worried look on her face. She told me what had just happened and pointed to a man sitting at a little table working away on his laptop, and told me he was FBI and had abruptly stopped there as the most convenient place to get busy right away. After driving home, I was glued to the TV most of the day and was thinking that I was so glad my dad had passed away earlier that year as this would have completely broken his heart.
A few days later at church, my friend Brian told me a co worker of his was in NYC at the time and had to run past the towers to get back to his hotel. The poor man had seen some body parts falling around him as he cried and ran. There were tears in Brian's eyes as he told me.


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I remember that day clearly.....My supervisor's daughter worked at the WTC..but they were moving their office into another building. When we got the news, as you can wasn't a pretty sight. My heart broke for gets worse..her sister was head of payroll at the pentagon...she hit the floor...My mind was blown..the tears and agony in her was almost too much to bare..Of course no one could get ahold of them...(((later is was relayed that her daughter was just leaving the wtc when it was hit..she helped get people out...and she ended up in counseling because she said she could see bodies fall from the sky...and her sister was at her desk when the plane hit..the plane moved right through her office wiping out her whole department..only her and few others made it..she never went back to work))))) I also remember (I worked in customer service at Saks Fifth Avenue) the lady from HR telling us that we needed to continue to call customer's to see if they still wanted their packages??? what??? I lost my temper and told her that there was no way I was calling anyone in NYC to see if they wanted their packages???? How could you even think of that....All I knew is I needed to get my kids out of school..all three were in different schools...what a horrible day..And I knew it was because we turned our backs on God....I just knew it....:sob


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I was home, at my parents house. I had only been out of the Navy a little while, and was e-mailing friends, etc. when an Instant Message Box popped up from my dad. He asked if the tv was on? I chuckled, because my oldest son was 1 1/2, and watching cartoons, so Of COURSE the tv was on... He messaged back to turn on the news. So, I unplugged the phone connection to the computer, and turned on the tv.

The first plane had already hit the north tower. My dad called, he was working at a nuclear plant, and they were on lock down, he was asking me what was going on, when the second plane hit. I screamed, and he told me to put the phone up to the tv, so he could hear.

I was glued to the tv, that whole day, my Lt. COM. had transferred to the Pentagon before the attacks, I remember scouring the list of victims to see if he was on it.

I remember after the towers fell, I cried, we had lived in New York a number of years ago, and we had been to the WTC. I had to go to the store to pick up some medicine for Max, and I noticed that the gas prices were already raised about $1 per gallon more.

I had a friend on the USS John Paul Jones, one of the first ships to light off missiles so many months later... he was pressed into service, he was supposed to get out in October that year...


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This is what my now 21-year old son remembers...

Today is the day that we honor the nearly 3,000 people who died on our generations day of infamy from the acts of deranged cowards. I'll still never forget being called into my parents room when I was 7 years old and my mom told all of us kids that we as a country had been attacked. Honor those who gave their lives to save those buried in the rubble and those who answered the call of duty by paying the ultimate price for our freedom while taking the fight to the enemy.
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My daughter turned 7 months old that day. I made her bottle, picked her up out of the playpen, and turned on the news to watch while I fed her and saw the second plane go into the tower. I didn't understand prophecy at the time and thought it was the beginning of the end. I called my husband at work to tell him I loved him and lived the day in fear and heartbreak for everyone. That day is forever etched in my mind.


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In Canada our hearts broke as we watched. My chief thought was that I was hundreds of miles away from the group of radio and television stations of which I had just been named News Director and had no way of getting there to manage the news coverage of the day. This old (well, a little younger then) journalist was in his bedroom with his wife, just waking up and, like the rest of the world, watched the tragedy unfold on his television set. I knew something had changed irrevocably in the world that day. And it had. Yet what stupefies me today is that nobody has learned the lesson! By means of the devil's old tool of Political Correctness that Old Serpent has managed to allow an even greater infiltration of evil into the once-proud bastion of Christianity. You cannot blame President Obama for that— the ball was rolling long before he took office. He was just the one that tipped it all over the edge.


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I was on my way into work, listening to, of all things, Howard Stern that morning. I don't know why, I guess morbid curiousity, maybe I was flipping through and something caught my ear. Anyway, I'm sitting at the light across from the McDonalds, the second to last light, wishing it'd hurry up so I wouldn't be late, and then he stops his shock jock diatribe and says something like "Folks, America has just been attacked. A plane has flown into the World Trade Center." Well, I just went cold. Flipped over to other stations, everyone was talking about it. Walked into the office, to grim faces, got to my workstation and pulled up news sites. It was crazy. We tried to work that day, but at lunch I took the rest of the day off and came home to my wife and we sat and watched Fox and wondered, were scared, angry, sad, shocked. I remember how President Bush was visiting a class of school kids, reading to them, and an aide gave him the news. I thought he was graceful in wrapping up his visit with the kids so as not to alarm them. I believe I recall he was criticized for that, but I thought it was well handled.

The freshness of it has worn off some now, fourteen years later, I forget details and chronologies, but I will never forget how much the crazy Jihadis hate us, and how callous and cold and just plain mean they were to carry out such an abominable act of mass murder and maiming. If Islam wants to be perceived as a religion of peace, they are doing it all wrong. Satan's plan of steal, kill and destroy is not the way. I guess I don't hate them back though. I think I don't, although I resent 9/11 and all their other crap. A lot. I absolutely hate what they do and stand for, but I wish they would see the real Truth, and meet Him.


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I was ten that day. I will always remember it because that was the day I lost any faith I had in humanity.

I first knew something was up when I was on the school bus with my sister and two of my year mates were having a frantic and worried conversation. I got that something bad had happened in America and they were worried about friends who were out there. I wasn't all that worried because it couldn't be all that bad right? Wrong.

When I got in Dad was watching the news. I saw the footage of the first plane hitting the tower and I couldn't believe it was real. I thought it must be a disaster movie but when I looked at Dad I saw he had tears in his eyes, I asked him if it was real and he told us to sit with him and he explained what had happened.

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The kids were off to school and I had just poured the last of the coffee and sat down in front of the TV. I saw the first plane hit the tower. I yelled down the stairs to my husband to turn on the TV in the basement where he was. My husband (Now EX) was a private pilot. We knew the minute we saw it the act was deliberate. The phone began ringing-husband's employer stating he had a person trapped in the second tower-(it was not hit yet) told us to get to the Airport-get the jet in the air and get as close to NY as possible. I drove to the airport while my husband was on his cell phone getting weather and attempting to file a flight plan. We got to the airport and had not been able to file a flight plan yet.
He went inside to use the landlines and I stayed outside using a cell phone we were both attempting to file a flight plan. I finally got through and this is what I was told-"Airspace of the US is closed to all traffic-if you are in the air land your aircraft immediately or you will be shot down." I stood in the parking lot of the airport with the car radio cranked up and the doors open and watched plane after plane land and unload passengers who had no idea what was going on, or where they were-hundreds of dazed and confused people dragging their baggage behind them stood in the parking lot gathered around my car and listened to the reports of the towers going down on my car radio-that is what I remember


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I remember the news rumors and refused to believe them. It was surreal. Not America.

Then when it was undeniable, I knew God was telling America to repent. I knew God was reminding me that He was Almighty. It was at this moment that I knew judgment was coming and that it was far from over.

Its still not over.


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I had dropped my youngest off at school and stopped at the drugstore. They have a small tv behind the counter. The first tower had been hit but nobody really knew what was going on. I picked up my prescription and went home. My mother and I watched in horror as the second plane hit. Then we got word the Pentagon was hit and there was another plane in the air and it's destination was possibly the White House. I called the school where my youngest attended to see if they knew what was happening. The office said they did. I asked if I needed to pick up Matthew. They said not at this time. I then called the school where my oldest attended and asked the same. No, all was ok for now. I remember just wanted to get my boys and have them close by me. My husband was still alive then and I called him to see if he knew what was going on and he did. We just couldn't believe it. I remember wondering if all of the Middle Eastern people would be put in internment camps like the Japanese were. How stupid was that? But I do remember wondering that.


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I was at work talking to "Coffee Customers " ( guys who came in everyday just for coffee ) and they told me to turn on the radio. The Rock station I listened to had the story. We listened for a while in complete shock!!
Then I got a call from my wife.....My 2 yr old daughter and her dog were missing!!! I only lived a few blocks from work,
so I RAN home like a MadDog!! As I opened up the front door, the TV showed the second plane hit the tower!! How much more could I take??
My wife and neighbors went driving around the neighborhood looking for my daughter. I went on foot.
My neighbor found her at a house Daycare center behind our house. There was a graveyard right behind our house and another neighborhood after that!! My daughter had gone out to the patio, and heard other children playing. So she grabbed the dog (a Lab/Newfoundland mix so he was huge!) and went looking for the kids!! Praise God that He was with her the whole time!!!
When my wife found her, the dog wouldn't even let her around my daughter!!
So, that day was a double trouble day for me!!!


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I remember the videos that surfaced afterwards.... of those "people" celebrating in the street because of the attacks. THAT I remember very well... I fear that our government HAS forgotten those same videos. We forgot after Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor. We, as a country, became complacent.... and after 9/11... while we grieved, we allowed all kinds of infringements to be put in place in order to stave off another similar type of attack... but once again we have become complacent... here it is 14 years later... and the news coverage is minimal, the attacks are memorialized for those that were touched by them the most... for the rest of us... it's just another day, to remember where we were, but tomorrow will still find us worrying about the mortgage, the neighbors... the normal everyday we live.

There have been other attacks on our soil.... just not to the same extreme.... the Ft. Hood shootings... the underwear bomber.... the recent attacks on the recruitment centers.... we are STILL under attack. But while we talk and memorialize the atrocity of 9/11... we are living in a blindspot. We may feel safe where we live... but that would be a mistake. I'm not saying that we can "prevent" another attack... but we can at least make sure we're NOT blindsided again. Make sure that you live every day like it was 9/10... but with the knowledge that we didn't have back then... that the end is near. Picture a man with a beard on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign, "Repent, the end is near" We are here people... it might not be today, it might not be this year.... but it WILL BE... so prepare. Tell the lost about salvation, prepare yourself to possibly be arrested for your faith.... even though we live in the times of Noe... people drinking, eating, marrying, and being given in marriage, and even though the lost believe that we are living in a day of enlightenment.... and that another attack won't happen... just like our fathers (or grandfathers) believed that Pearl Harbor couldn't happen again... it can, and could. Evil doesn't only wear a jihad flag, or a burka, or an assault rifle (like in the Sandy Hook massacre) Satan can disguise himself to look like anything that could fool a lost person.... he won't have horns, or a pitch fork....

I just don't want this day to pass without remembering WHY it happened. This world is evil, and we are to be the light in the darkness. That darkness hasn't gone away, it's still there. We still have work to do. Tomorrow, go out and tell ONE PERSON the good news!! Pass ONE bible tract.... Pray for ONE lost person to be brought into the fold. For God's glory... every day until we're raptured. Because THAT will thwart the devil's plan faster than any memorial service.


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Mac woke me and said get up we've been attacked, and the WTC towers were burning with planes in them! I got to the tv in time to see the first replay. My DD lived and worked in the DC suburbs of Maryland and I called her. Her voice was very shaky and tearful. I stayed on the phone with her most of the day, and we watched together as the Pentagon was hit and worried about where the other plane was going. She said the air was ringing with sirens nonstop where she was. We both screamed that the tower was collapsing. All I did for days was stare at the tv in shock and sorrow.


It was pure unbelief! Both my DH and my sister called me to turn on the TV. Both buildings were already burning and Maria Bartiromo was saying she saw the second plane hit. I watched the first building collapse. A little while after that I went in my basement to do a load of laundry. I couldn't understand what was going on when I got back to the TV, it looked like nothing but dust and smoke, then Mark Haines confirmed the second building had fallen.

Three years ago I visited the site in Pennsylvania where UAL 93 went down. Someone who had seen what happened that day said the plane was flying upside down about 150 feet above the ground and went right over his head just before it crashed. It was just frightening to imagine! I wonder how many people gave their lives to Yeshua that day, as they say, "there are no atheists in foxholes".