This is the Missouri synod stand on marriage


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I encourage everybody to read this blog. Whether we agree with all of their theology or not is immaterial. Their stand on this issue is what is relevant. Here is an excerpt:

"If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is legal in every state or must be recognized in every state, what is our response?

"We stand fast (2 Thess. 2:15). We live in and by our Savior, who calls us to stay the course, to repent of our sin, to be in the Word of God and in prayer. We redouble our teaching on God’s gift of marriage. And we show love and mercy to those harmed by the dissolution of God’s ordering of marriage and family, intended for protection for all. We take legal action where absolutely necessary. “Public remedy, made through the office of the public official, is not condemned, but is commanded and is God’s work, according to Paul (Romans 13)” (Apology XVI 59).

"The plan fits the nature of the Church: she is enduring and eternal. She speaks Christ’s forgiveness and peace to men and women struggling with same-sex attraction and heterosexual attraction alike, in and out of season. She doesn’t do flash-in-the-pan or drive-by ministry. She works in the world for the long haul. She doesn’t change her tune or stop her singing. She keeps telling real people about a real Jesus, from black-robed Supreme Court justices to the protestors on the steps of that building to the young people in college watching the ruling unfold to those of us who never imagined we would see this seismic shift in our lifetime. And she lives to demonstrate the mercy and love of Christ (1 John 3:15ff).

"Most importantly, she speaks of the One who came for sinners — all sinners — and of the One who showed His love for us by dying for us. She simply stays the course.

"That’s why you, dear brothers in the Office, will need our prayers in the days ahead. And you will have them. Legal marriage may be redefined, and outcomes we never imagined will occur. But these don’t surprise or alarm us. The crumbling culture merely proves that what began in the Garden of Eden is still prevalent today, that we are sinners among sinners, that we are all in need of Christ’s mercy and grace. This world is wending its way toward the end (Matthew 25). The story ends well (Revelation 7). That is what those in the pew and those disenchanted by the people in the pew need to hear, and will always need to hear, the most."​


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I guess I am naive because I've always thought that's the way it was. I've always thought Christian Pastors of a particular Congregation married those who are members of the same. I don't consider, and never have considered, those gatherings of people who call themselves christian but reject the part of Scripture they don't agree with as churches that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. If a Church loses it's tax exempt status, so let it be. A Church shouldn't be run like a business anyway. It is a gathering together of Saints! Whether in a building or in the great outdoors, the gathering of the Saints is the purpose. And personally I don't care if a Christian gets a license from the government to be married! When a couple makes a promise before God and all those that have come together to witness the occasion, that's more binding to me than any piece of paper a government would give me. We all know here at Rapture Forums what Scripture teaches about marriage. 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18 pretty much says it all. The citizens of this would are going to do what they want; at least for a little while longer. We are not citizens of this world. We're just waiting for Jesus... either through our death as so many of our brothers and sisters have gone or for that call to "come up hither." Either way, we get to go home! Wishing isn't going to make His promise come any sooner! It's already a done deal and I really do feel sadness in my heart for ALL of Gods creation when the Tribulation starts since it is man's sin that has destroyed what God made... and He said it was good! And yes, it will be good again one day. God said marriage was one man and one woman! Simple as that!!! Well, I've said my peace