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The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a government appropriations bill Thursday evening and, with a day until the vote, lawmakers still have not received the text of the legislation.

“No one has seen the final wording of a long and complicated bill we will be expected to vote on tomorrow evening,” Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “That’s no way to run a legislature.”

Republican Study Chairman Mike Johnson also confirmed that “as of lunch on Wednesday, members of the RSC, and to our knowledge, even members of the conference committee, had not seen the text.”

“It has been reported that [House Majority Leader Steny] Hoyer has said if the bill is dropped today we will consider it tomorrow. This is reminiscent of the, ‘you must pass it to find out what is in it,’ Obamacare debacle,” Johnson said to TheDCNF. “This bill is expected to be well over 1,000 pages, and we will potentially have less than 24 hours to digest it. This is absurd.”
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Dear President Trump,

If you're going down, go down swinging!!! You have a whole lot of people hating you but remember you have a whole lot of people praying for you, your family, Vice President Pence and his family, and some of us are even praying for our and your enemies like Jesus told us to do. Now THAT'S LOVE!! You just do what is Godly, moral, and what is best in protecting this country because that is one of the duties you assumed as President. We know you aren't without sin...none of us are....stay strong, Sir!!

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Not a single member of Congress read the Patriot Act. But it passed into law under Bush43.

Here's an updated version 20 hours old.
What's in the government funding bill Trump agreed to sign?
by Stephen Loiaconi

(Sic)"...WHAT’S IN IT?
  • $1.375 billion for 55 miles of border fencing, including 11 miles of levee pedestrian fencing and 44 miles primary pedestrian fencing in the Rio Grande Valley Sector
  • A total of $22.54 billion for border security agencies, including $100 million for border surveillance technology, $564 million for inspection equipment at ports of entry, $45 million for inspection equipment at international mail facilities, and $270 million for construction and improvements at patrol stations and processing centers.
  • Support for 200 more Border Patrol agents than in 2018 and 600 new customs officers
  • $414 million to address urgent humanitarian needs for migrants at the border
  • $132 million for E-Verify operations and enhancements
  • $563.4 million for the Executive Office of Immigration Review, which will allow for hiring more immigration judges and upgrading the electronic case management system
  • $468 million for DOJ to combat the opioid epidemic, plus $44 million for new ICE personnel to investigate opioid trafficking
  • Funding for 1,144 new TSA personnel to staff checkpoints, 50 additional canine screening teams, and 203 Computed Technology checkpoint scanners
  • $435 million for the new Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office at DHS
  • $29.583 billion for science research programs, an increase of $1.072 billion above 2018
  • $77 million for the IRS to implement tax reform
  • $3.946 billion for wildfire programs, including $624 million for hazardous fuels reduction
  • $31 million in funding increases for the Department of Interior’s energy and mineral development efforts
  • Requirement for the Department of Transportation to eliminate unnecessary regulations for highway projects
  • Protection from deportation for sponsors or relatives who come forward to claim an unaccompanied migrant child

  • Any money for barriers using the new wall designs commissioned by the Trump administration
  • A reduction in beds for ICE detention, which Democrats had pushed for
  • Any language restricting the president’s ability to declare a national emergency over the border
  • Back pay for federal contractors affected by the shutdown
  • Any changes to current laws on abortion or gun-related issues
  • Extensions of protection for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients
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