Thirteen killed as IRGC strikes Kurdish groups in Iraq


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Thirteen killed as IRGC strikes Kurdish groups in Iraq
The IRGC claimed that the groups in Iraqi Kurdistan "played the biggest role" in the protests sweeping Iran in recent days.
Published: SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Thirteen people were reportedly killed when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) targeted groups in Iraqi Kurdistan with precision missiles and suicide drones on Wednesday morning, according to Reuters, in the latest in a series of attacks on Iraqi territory in recent days as Iranian officials place the blame for protests sweeping Iran on Kurdish groups. A US citizen, Omar "Chicho" Mahmoudzadeh was killed in the strikes, according to UK-based Persian news network Iran International.

The IRGC claimed that it was launching the attacks against "separatist terrorist groups," naming the Komala Party and the Kurdistan Freedom Party. The IRGC added that it would continue the operation against the groups until "the threat is effectively repelled and the headquarters of terrorist groups are dismantled and the authorities of the region fulfill their obligations and responsibilities."