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OK, I'm a desktop girl. I love seeing the big screen, my keyboard, mouse, etc. My desktop is starting to see the end of the line and I'm thinking of replacing it with a laptop so I can take it on the go. That's my only negative of a desktop, I can't take my stuff with me when I travel and then have a ton of catch up when I get home.

So what do you guys think of the different laptops out there. I mostly do online (work on my websites and the boards), excel and word, napster, photo's. I don't do much with games at all.

I've mostly had gateway and HP and for the most part liked them a lot - no real issues. All of my printers are HP.

Thanks in advance.



I just got a gateway laptop & i love it. I haven't even used my desktop since i got this :thumbup I got it at best buy but circuit city has them also.


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Oooh, that's a scary thought for a girl who has only used windows. How would my files transfer? What about my music/napster, etc? Kathe

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I love mine!..

I've got an HP Pavilion dv6000, and haven't had ANY problems with it at all. It's been great, and it's lightweight. I've got the Vista upgreade, but haven't put it on yet...still waiting to make sure they get all the bugs out.


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I just bought my husband an HP that is pretty lightweight at Compusa for under 1000. It has vista on it & he likes it pretty well.

I have an Avaratec that I absolutely love but it is a couple of years old. Really lightweight & easy. I can't find them anywhere now, though ...

but I'm not that computer literate, so I would definitely go with the people on here who are & get what they recommend. I don't really shop around.

I had a Toshiba once that I had to take to their "premier" fix it place like 9 times in the first 6 months. The mgr. at Comp usa finally said to me, "Cherry, just go pick out any laptop you want off the floor & I'll take care of it"

thank God for that dear man. I was ready to scream as I paid all bills & did a bunch of other work on it & could not ever get my work done because everytime they had it they had it for a week to 10 days ...

*the above is a true story and I did not embellish*

so I would never buy a Toshiba again.


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Thanks for your input, I appreciate it very much.

BTW - just found out the Comp USA in our town is closing. UGH



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My hubby has an HP Pavilion and has had no problems with it whatsoever. The two Toshiba laptops I've gone through weren't worth the money. So many problems with those Toshibas. :ohno

Wow, I didn't realize this thread was so old. lol
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