They tried to scam us on Facebook Marketplace, beware.


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I'm up on most scams so they didn't have a chance but I thought I would warn everyone.

We're selling some patio furniture on FB MP through my wife's account, mine was closed years ago. A guy contacts us and asks if it was available. He asks a couple of questions and then he says he'll take it. He doesn't try to talk us down in price which most normal people do. (red flag #1) He has no FB profile just a locked Instagram profile. (red flag #2). He's out of town but his sister will pick it up. (red flag #3) His sister doesn't have cash and asks if we can use Zelle. (red flag #4) We say no and end the deal. Any one of those red flags alone wouldn't make me too suspicious but all together, it screams scam.

After doing some searching I find that this is a common scam. Zelle will supposedly send a message that the buyer must increase the transaction amount to upgrade their account to a business account. They send the additional amount with the understanding that you'll send that back the difference. The scam is the initial payment confirmation is fake. They didn't send any money.

Stay on your toes. Use the same rule on FB MP as on Craig's List. Deal locally and use cash.