These Eight Facts Show the Seriousness of California's Drought

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At a Glance:
California is now facing its most serious drought since the mid-2010s.
Mountain snowpack has already melted, before replenishing reservoirs.
The next widespread rain and mountain snow is months away.

The California drought, part of the most expansive western U.S. drought this century, is locked in place for awhile.
The impacts from this slow-motion disaster are only beginning to ratchet up as we head into the state's dry season.
Here are some facts on the status of the drought, the factors that triggered it, and the impacts already being felt.

The Most Dire Category

According to the latest Drought Monitor analysis as of May 25, not only is the entire state of California in drought, but 26% of the state is in "exceptional drought", the highest category.
The last exceptional drought in California was January, 2017, on the tail end of a multi-year drought. It was considered the worst in parts of the state in 450 years.

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Of course, it doesn't help that the reservoirs are being drained into the Pacific. They were at peak levels and could have taken California through another five years of drought. It is an engineered crisis--put together by the Dem puppets of the NWO.


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?????? Don't feel sorry for me, just keep me and the rest of the church in prayer...we don't need a pity party but we do need a prayer meeting on our behalf.:pray
I'm a CA native. Born in San Francisco. I tired of the droughts, high taxes, politics, PG&E, threat of dam failure, etc. I asked The Lord when I could retired from teaching. He gave me class from hell on September 27, 2017. I put my house up for sale, had a Christian realtor, and it sold in two days, full price offer. I boxed up and moved before closing. I was in Ocala, Florida by Halloween. I've never felt better. My Precious Savior saved me from devastation. Now my eyes are looking up, waiting for "Come hither".

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Newsom Asks Californians To Cut Water Use In Drought
Now Newsom is telling California residents to cut back in water usage by 15% more to help the drought crisis.

He already placed a huge cut back in January 2020 when he ordered that we ration our use of water as far as telling us how and when to use it as in limited time showering and doing laundry and usage would be monitored and violators would be fined. Now this! Are people still buying the climate being the cause of this crisis?

Then as I pointed out before, the waste of good water being dumped into the ocean instead of replenishing the reservoirs.

While it's obvious we need rain and reasonable conservation of resources is important there's been a lie added to it just to cause panic and misinformation all for their globalist political agendas.
This Governor is on his way out and will have the political door slammed behind him. Now just hoping his replacement will not follow his patterns.