‘There’s A Reason We All Exist’: Tim Tebow Talks About His New Book And Living ‘A Life That Counts’

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Excerpts from story:

Tim Tebow shared his thoughts about living “a life that counts” as he talked about his new book “Mission Possible” and said there’s a “reason we all exist.”

The former NFL QB said the one of the reasons he decided to write the book is to “encourage people” and that it’s specifically not titled “Mission Impossible” for a reason, reported Fox News in a piece published Thursday.

“I believe that it is possible for every single one of us to have, to truly have, a life that counts,” Tebow explained. “God created each of us to have a unique, awesome purpose, and it’s why we’re here.”

The former pro baseball player said that he believes the most “full-filled” we will ever be in life is when we spend our time “focused on other people.”

“It’s about how we can love people, how we can make a difference for other people,” Tim shared. “I really believe in God’s economy, which is different than how we talk about our economy. In our economy, in order to have more, you take more. But in God’s economy — you give more.”

“There is a God who believes in you,” he added. “You are loved so much — and I just want to encourage people that they were created to be who they are and that their life matters very, very much.”

In 2021, Tebow shared his mom’s pro-life story at the annual March For Life event. He talked about how she gave birth to him ............

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