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The designers of this game are listed as PlayWay S.A.. They are evidently based in Poland.

Based on the quick search I did they are developers of all kinds of different games. I was trying to find out if this game is intended to be somewhat Christian in nature or as a means to get people to think more about being like Christ.

The PlayWay website has no comments that I could see about their reasons for developing any specific games.

Poland, as far as I know, does tend to have a large Catholic population. I don't know if this factored into the game design.

Generally speaking though, if you are going to do something that attempts to mimic Jesus and his characteristics, you should do so very carefully and mindfully. I think the game designers didn't take sufficiently into consideration the disrespect this game will bring to Jesus.

And that's really the big issue. Any person who decides to play this game will either do so in order to devolve Jesus into just another super hero character or to simply mock Him. Any true Christian who already has a basic understanding of God should understand the disrespect that this game creates and will not play it.

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The 'game' has not been released yet, according to the link above.
Maybe all the software will miraculously disappear.
I read some of the comments: the developer stated this will depict Jesus in a modern art form, similar to paintings, movies, etc.
Have mercy Lord...once again the world chooses to mock you, regardless of what the developer says.
Unfortunately, gaming is huge, and may draw unsuspecting youth, in particular, into a spiritually dangerous place.
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Can't help but wonder if it was about Muhammed, what would the reaction be??!

Oh I forgot... No one would dare do that....
Then again, what ever was it that Mohammed ever did that would be even worthy of any kind of adoration?
No Miracles, no prophecies, endless bloodshed by himself and then that bloodshed propagated throughout history by his adherents.