The World has Changed


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Does anyone have any tricks for knocking the unsaved out to drag them on the lifeboats? Lol

I'm finding that part to be the more exhausting aspect. Most of the time I just don't even want to bother with how reluctant people are.
Didn't Jesus say if they don't receive you then wipe the dust off your shoes as you leave, or something like that so what's the point.


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When we got married in 1990 you could pretty much count on the next year being like all the others generally. Even though I lived it I can hardly imagine it these days. I see a lot of people online talking about it, people who aren’t believers. They are also talking about so many they know feeling a change like “time is reaching its end.”

On the other hand, my family and I have all been talking about feeling this excitement for awhile now, like a quickening inside of the Holy Spirit.


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It's been a progressive change/decline. However, IMHO, my sense of foreboding with this world accelerated at the beginning of 2020. It's as though the gates of Hell were flung open. It's not the seals being opened, as that doesn't happen until the start of the Trib. But something happened....

Yes I know what you are talking about. 2020 with the lock downs was oppressively evil that's only gotten worse. Since then we have had the rise of everything trans and all out war against the family \


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I feel the same way. It seems like more people in this forum have been feeling the push from what I see. I also feel like things got pushed into overdrive starting in 2020.

The other thing I have noticed, at least in my circle, is that it seems like a lot of believers seem to be going through a lot of hardships and trials lately. It’s like the enemy is trying to harm God’s children and/or trying to destroy their witness as much as possible while the ungodly are getting more of a pass. Are believers being refined in the final hour?

Revelation 22:11

“Let the one who does what is evil continue to do what is evil. LetY the filthy person continue to be filthy. Let the righteous person continue to do what is right. And let the holy person continue to be holy."

In other words, don’t get discouraged but keep living for the Lord and being righteous even in the midst of our trials.

Not only do people seem to have more trials but everyone seems to be sick constantly.