The Walls are Closing In Around Joe Biden


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The Bidens make the Mafia look like a lot of old ladies having a tea party. We’ve had some real dreadful presidents (Buchanan because he sat on his hands in the run up to the Civil War and left a royal mess for Lincoln), Wilson who started the ball rolling on this progressive communist mess, Carter who was in way over his head, Obama because he is a communist who laid the groundwork of “fundamental transformation” of our country and now Biden. As bad as the aforementioned are none of them were running a crime family that puts every other criminal organization to shame.


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My mouth dropped to the floor the first time I heard a white woman APOLOGIZE for being white. WHAT!!!????

The only word I can use for this day and time is REPROBATE. Even so Lord Jesus, come!

I pray that our Lord gives me the strength to NEVER "apologize" for being:

1. White
2. Conservative
3. Male
4. Follower of Jesus Christ

No matter what they scream, threaten to do or actually do. Oppression we can only dream of is coming.

This world system has nothing whatsoever of any value or appeal for us anymore.


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It just makes me alternately sad, sick and rage-filled how many seemingly "normal" Americans still cling to this media supported image of Biden as some "funny, folksy grampa, a man of the common folk. "

Joseph Robinette Biden is none of those things...

He's a pedophile (his daughter Ashley and likely Hunter as well), he's a proven rapist of at LEAST one woman (Tara Reade) a white collar criminal and traitor to the Oath he took and he DESPISES the working class.

You can see it in the vitriol he unleashes on anyone who asks him a question he can't weasel his way out of like the factory worker who called him out on his gun control and the senior citizen he basically challenged to a fist fight after saying "Listen here, fat!"

I'm glad that he has all this legal trouble and hope he has MANY sleepless, dark nights of the soul to sweat his future or lack thereof.