The vast Iran-Hezbollah drone threat is escalating - analysis


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The vast Iran-Hezbollah drone threat is escalating - analysis
Hezbollah, Hamas and other Iranian-backed groups have increased their drone threats over the last years.
Published: JULY 2, 2022

Israel’s downing of three drones on Saturday illustrates the growing nexus of Iran-Hezbollah threats in the region – and specifically the Lebanese terrorist organization’s escalating attempts to target gas platforms off the coast of Israel. Over the last several years, Iran has rapidly expanded its drone program and encouraged its proxies in the region to develop their own drone technology. These drones are often kamikaze ones, meaning they have a warhead and are designed to fly into their target. The drone threat against Israel has emerged slowly, in stages, over the last several years. Hezbollah has been using drones for many years, but they are increasingly more sophisticated and the threat is growing.

Back in 2014, the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College detailed some of the past history of these threats. The article by Dan Gettinger and Arthur Holland Michel noted that “much of Hamas and Hezbollah’s unmanned technology derives from or originated in Iran, which has maintained an active military drone program since the Iran-Iraq War.” It notes that back in 2004 an “Iranian-made drone operated by Hezbollah managed to fly in Israeli airspace for five minutes before it crashed into the Mediterranean sea. The 2.9 meter long UAV was not picked up on Israeli radars.